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Askeris B&B, hay hotel

Askeris B&B is a cozy, coastal accommodation for both horses and riders. We offer two nice large pastures with the possibility of shelter/shadow for the horses. Riders can choose to stay at our B&B rooms with a view over the paddocks or to put up a tent on the lawn by the paddocks. There are good parking conditions for both cars and trailers.

The nearest shops and eating places are in Faaborg (3,5km) and the bus (Fynbus) stops 100m from Askeris. We offer to drive you into town, for example to bring one of you back to the trailer or to transport your luggage. At Askeris B&B, it is possible for you to buy lunch boxes for the trips.

Prices pr. person
Horse shelter:    50,00 DKK
B&B doubleroom incl. linen/bed sheets and breakfast:  550,00 DKK
Tent on the lawn per person:     50,00 DKK
Breakfast per person:      50,00 DKK
Lunch box per person:       50,00 DKK
Transportation of persons and luggage  By agreement

Askeris B&B

Svendborgvej 270
5600 Svendborg
T: +45 21730678
M: askeris@askeris.dk



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