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Faaborg Camping

Take your horse with you on camping. We have 3 separate paddocks and there is room for trailers to be parked beside them. Please bring your own feed for the horses. Access to the riding track, Riderute Sydfyn, is directly on paths through Svanninge Bakker (hills). At Faaborg Camping, you can stay in cabins that are placed 100m from the paddocks and we have various types of cabins, from small ones for two persons without toilets/bathrooms to large luxurious cabins with everything in it.

You can also choose to stay in your own caravan or tents that can be put up right next to the paddocks. At Faaborg Camping, you can order lunch boxes in the cafeteria the day before you need it and it is also possible to order bread for breakfast from the local bakery and the prices are listed on the website.

Padock: 50,00 Dkk
 Cabins: From 375,00 Dkk for two persons to 975 Dkk for 6 persons
 Tent on the lawn per person:  50,00 Dkk
 Breakfast per person:  50,00 Dkk
 Lunch box per person: 50,00 Dkk
Transportations of persons:  50,00 Dkk, within Riderute Sydfyn/riding track

Faaborg Camping

Odensevej 140
5600 Faaborg
T: 62617794
M: info@faaborgcamping.dk


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