Hop til indholdet

A short holiday on your own horse

Take a short break from everyday chores with your own horse on the South Funen Riding Route. The 75-km riding route provides for a good holiday in beautiful nature. Plan your trip using our suggested itineraries here on the website. Stay in one of our lovely ”hay hotels” that have space both for you and your horse.


  1. Plan your route – find out how far you can ride each day.
  2. Find accommodation for you and your horse. There are camping possibilities, shelters and nice rooms.
  3. Buy a riding pass on this page for the trails that you will pass on your trip.
  4. Plan the logistics – how will you transport the horse and the riding equipment to the trailhead? Your accommodation may be able to assist you with the transportation of luggage and people.
  5. If you wish, book a guide who knows the route and can show you the way and provide you with a very special experience.


Good advice:

  • Keep plenty of feed, containers etc. The trail is demanding for the horse and additional feed may be necessary.
  • Be realistic about the length of the route. When riding for many days in a row, you might want to shorten the distances a bit.
  • There are no dedicated rest shelters, so find a suitable place or forest trail where you can eat your lunch.
  • Think about water for the horse. For example, you can bring a collapsible bowl and ask for water at the houses on your way.
  • Bring a daypack or saddlebags for water, some feed for the horse, your food etc.

We can also recommend you to use a GPS device to find your way. The riding route is available on an app that you can download to your smartphone and can help you find your way.

Outdoor Guide, the South Funen Archipelago – an app for outdoorsy people. Here you can also find routes for hiking etc. in the South Funen Archipelago.