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Riding passes and rates

You can purchase a (multi) day or annual pass to the whole South Funen Riding Route, or you can purchase a (multi) day or annual pass to one or more of the sub-areas: Brahetrolleborg, Holstenshuus and/or Svanninge Mountains. For Steensgaard you can only buy an annual pass. Riding in the Danish Nature Agency’s area (Sollerup) does not require a riding pass.

After August 1st, it is possible to buy an annual pass for half price for the rest of the year.

The prices for day- and annual passes are:

Day and annual pass:

Day pass Annual pass Annual pass after the 1st. of August
Hele ruten 125 kr. 1.450 kr. 725 kr.
Brahetrolleborg 75 kr. 900 kr. 450 kr.
Holstenshuus 75 kr. 800 kr. 400 kr.
Svanninge Bjerge 75 kr. 600 kr. 300 kr.
Steensgaard 600 kr. 300 kr.


Flexible (multi) day pass

With the flexible (multi) day pass you can buy access to the sub-areas Brahetrolleborg, Holstenshuus and Svanninge Mountains and the entire South Funen Riding Route for the number of days you want. The more days you buy, the larger the discount.

For example, a multi day pass for one sub-area for one person for one week costs DKK 252 (70 + 70 + 35 + 35 + 14 + 14 + 14), whereas a multi day pass for the entire route network for a group of 7 people for 5 days costs in total DKK 304 per person (95 + 95 + 47.50 + 47.50 + 19).

One area The whole trail The whole trail,
min. 4 pers.
1th. day 70 kr. 120 kr. 95 kr.
2th. day 70 kr. 120 kr. 95 kr.
3th. day 35 kr. 60 kr. 47.50 kr.
4th. day 35 kr. 60 kr. 47.50 kr.
More days 14 kr. 24 kr. 19 kr.


When purchasing (flexible) multi day passes for the entire route network, groups of four or more persons will receive a discount. To order, tick The Entire Route Network and choose Buy Multi Day Pass. The system will calculate the price depending on number of people and the number of days. See the prices above.

When buying riding passes, you should be aware of the riding rules and any days with access restrictions.

Riding passes are personal and are not transferable to others. The purchase of riding passes is not subject to cancellation as referred to in the Danish Consumer Contracts Act’s § 4.