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You do not have the confidence to ride out on your own? Or you just prefer to enjoy the company of a committed and skilled guide who knows the South Funen Riding Route inside out and can tell you good stories? You can book a guide who will join you for the trip. Book well ahead, so there is a greater likelihood that the guides will be available for your dates. For larger groups, the price can be negotiated with the guide on a case-to-case basis.

The South Funen Riding Route disclaims any liability with regard to bookings, payments and riding with guides listed on this page. The guide listings are intended solely as a service that makes it easier for guests to the South Funen Riding Route to find a guide for the whole route or parts of it. All riding on the South Funen Riding Route on the guests’ own horse or on a rented horse is at the guests’ own risk. We recommend you to check your holiday insurance.

Book en lokal guide til din ridetur på Riderute Sydfyn  - så kan du koncentrere dig om at nyde naturen i stedet for at finde vej