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The main building at Holstenshuus was constructed around 1910.

A modern business

Holstenshuus operates as a modern business with forestry, agriculture, hunting and various niche businesses, including a rococo garden with a climbing park that are accessible to the general public.

The vision of the owner, Ditlev Berner, is to use and care for the land, nature and the attractions ​​for the benefit of the owners, workers, the environment and future generations.

The story Holstenshuus’s history goes back 700 years and for the past 300 years the estate belonged to the Holstein/Berner family.

The barony Holstenshuus was established in 1778. The main building was constructed in 1908-1910 after a fire in 1908. Parts of the basement have been preserved so the oldest parts of the building are from 1644.

The park at Holstenshuus was designed as a rococo garden in 1753. The park and the lake were restored in 2010 with support from the Realdania Foundation.

About riding on Holstenshuus

  • On Holstenshuus you may also ride on the forest roads that are not marked as the South Funen Riding Route. However, no maps of these roads will be provided.
  • Be aware that the northern part of the route on Holstenshuus is very hilly. Holstenshuus’s forests are used by other people for other purposes. It is therefore important that you acquaint yourself with the days of restricted access, especially from October to January, because of hunting activities in the forest at these times.
  • Ride on the road shoulder or the middle of the forest trails.
  • Show respect when riding on the route. And lower your voices if you are in a group. On the route you will see many great views of the archipelago, and you are welcome to stop for rest. Remember to remove all garbage.

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