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Steensgaard is operated as an organic farm with a focus on quality food.

Focus on sustainability

Steensgaard is located between Millinge and Falsled where Svanninge Hills meets the flat meadows towards the coast.

Steengaard is operated as an organic farm with cows, pigs, sheep and poultry with a focus on the production, processing and sale of quality food. The forest is FSC/PEFC certified and the amount of trees that are felled allows for the forest to reproduce. Respect for nature, high quality and animal welfare are core values ​​in Steensgaard’s ambition to operate a sustainable business.

The farm is owned and run by Ann and Henning Wiesinger, who acquired it in 2010.

The story

Some believe that there was already a castle in the area in the 14th century.

From 1751 to 1938 Steensgaard, together with Hvedholm, Østrupgaard and Damsbo, was part of the Brahesminde county. Hendrik Bille-Brahe settled at Steensgaard in 1918. The county was dissolved during the administrative restructuring of 1928.

The age of the main building can not be precisely determined, but parts of the current buildings date from the 15th century. In 1906-1908 Steensgaard underwent a major renovation both on the inside and out. From 1956 to 2011 the main building was run as a farm guesthouse.

About riding on Steensgaard

  • You can only ride in the Steensgaard area with an annual pass. Steensgaard’s forests are used by other people for other purposes. It is therefore important that you:
  • keep yourself informed about days with restricted access, especially from October to January, because of hunting activities in the forest at this time
  • ride on the road shoulder or in the middle of the forest trails
  • show respect when riding on the route. And lower your voices if you are in a group.

Riding on other forest roads

You may ride both on the the South Funen Riding Route route and on a number of other forest roads around Steensgaard and in the forests Hanneslund, Østrupgaard, Stubbedam and Malsdam.

Overview map of the Steensgaard riding trail network, Henneslund

Overview map of the Steensgaard riding trail network, Malsdam, Østrupgaard and Stubbedam

The forest roads that you may ride on are marked with a sign that says that a riding pass is required. Be aware that the forest roads are not part of the official South Funen Riding Route and can be of varying quality.

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