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The Mountains of Svanninge

Svanninge Mountains


Beautiful Welsh Black cattle contribute to the ecosystems of the Svanninge mountains.

Off the beaten track

Svanninge Mountains is a large coherent nature area of nearly 500 ha, which is owned and operated by the Bikuben Foundation. The purpose is in part to preserve and develop specific natural habitats and at the same time provide good access to the area for the general public.

The riding trail through Svanninge Mountains was made before the project South Funen Riding Route, exactly with the aim to accommodate riders, and the signs are therefore slightly different from the rest of the South Funen Riding Route.

The hallmark of Svanninge Mountains is its very hilly terrain and the large open areas with grazing Welsh Black cattle. The cattle move around the area and have nearly 100 acres to roam freely.

The riding trail passes through the forest and the open spaces in such a way that horses and riders avoid fences and cattle. It is extremely important to follow the trail, otherwise you will get lost!

In the wild west The route passes through beautiful forested areas, nice viewpoints, obscure paths, past the grazing cattle, following its own trail. Very few stretches follow the general forest roads. As a rider you experience being off the beaten track, out in the wild west.

The Svanninge Mountains route is a loop trail that can be ridden on a separate trip or you can choose to ride a part of the route, in a southern or northern direction, if you plan to do a longer trip that passes through the area. Again, it is important to remember that you may not leave the trail.

Good parking options

Good parking spots exist along Nyborgvej road, at the Svanninge Mountains parking lot and the rest area at Høbbet by Gåsebjergsand/the nature playground and at the Danish Nature Agency’s parking lot at Svanninge Hills/Restaurant Skovlyst.

About riding in Svanninge Mountains

  • The route through Svanninge Mountains is cross country, horses and riders need to have some experience with this type of terrain.
  • No buck hunting is carried out in Svanninge Mountains, so the route is open in May, June and July without restrictions in the morning and evening hours.
  • Since there are many small trails off the main trail, riders shall keep a close eye on the signs the first time they ride on the route.
  • It is not difficult to find your way, just follow the signs and the horseshoe markings.
  • Svanninge Mountains is a private forest owned by the Bikuben Foundation, and traffic in Svanninge Mountains is subject to the same rules as for for all other private forests. Horseback riding is only allowed with a riding pass.

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