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Hay hotels

Hay hotels are accommodations where the overnight for both horseback riders and horses is ensured, which means that you can find paddocks/grass areas and several opportunities for accommodation. It can be a place for a tent right beside the paddocks, cabins, rooms or similar. Hay hotels are increasingly used by the touring riders who pamper themselves and their horses with for instance a weekend trip in the nature. Here in Faaborg-Midtfyn municipality, we can prize ourselves with the 75km long riding track, Riderute Sydfyn (Riding route of South Funen). Alongside it, you can find a great variety of scenic hay hotels that ensure the best riding experiences for both the horse and the rider. Most hay hotels can also help you arrange lunch bags, luggage transportation, dinner etc.. Do contact them for more info.

Most of the hay hotels have, on their websites, suggestions for one day trips as well as round trips and mini vacations, where it is possible for you to have the luggage transported, buy lunch boxes and get extra services as information regarding smiths and equipment, tips on etiquette in the nature and about the purchase of the required riding passes.

There is also a small selection of hay hotels that also provide riding tours on Icelandic horses; both one day trips and weekend trips. Some tours are on certain dates, but if you bring your own group of riders, a weekend on horsebacks can be arranged even if you do not have your own horses with you. Information on hay hotels, the riding track Riderute Sydfyn and places for riding tours with Icelandic horses can be found below.pictogram_høhotel_riderute

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