Hop til indholdet

Riding Rules

Many people travel in the forests of South Funen. Some of them are there for work, others to enjoy nature. Even if you paid for the riding pass, you need to show respect to everyone else on the trails.

You must follow the marked trail. The route is designed in such a way that you can enjoy exciting nature, and at the same time riders and other visitors to the forest will not disturb each other. The trail will safely guide you around electric fences and cattle grids.

Keep some distance from others and take time to talk to others who find it exciting to meet a rider and a horse. Especially children can have a great experience, if they are allowed to greet the large animals, feel how soft the horse’s muzzle is and hear a few kind words from the rider.

Rules for riding on the South Funen Riding Route

  1. Riding and leading a horse on the South Funen Riding Route requires a valid riding pass.
  2. You access the area and ride at your own risk.
  3. The riding pass is personal. Annual passes must be worn so that they are easily visible, (multi) day passes must be produced on demand, together with a photo ID.
  4. Riding is only allowed on the marked roads and trails.
  5. Riding is allowed from 6 am to sunset.
  6. From May 16th to July 16th riding is allowed only between 8 am and 6 pm. The exceptions are Svanninge Mountains and the Danish Nature Agency’s areas, where riding is allowed from 6 am to sunset year-round.
  7. On roads you need to ride in the central reserve or the shoulders.
  8. Galloping is permitted where road and visibility conditions allow it.
  9. Riders must show respect for the wildlife and the general public. They should pass other guests and vehicles in walking gait.
  10. The South Funen Riding Route reserves the right to temporarily restrict traffic in the case of forestry work, the construction of new roads, thawing, hunting or other activities on the route. Look for information about days with restricted access– days when all or parts of the route is closed for riding.
  11. The South Funen Riding Route reserves the right to compensation for damages caused by riding that is against the rules.
  12. The provisions of the Nature Protection Act and the Ministry of the Environment’s Order regarding Public Access to Private Forests must be observed. The main principle is that riders must show responsibility, use their common sense and ride with care. Violation of the rules may result in the cancellation of the riding pass and eviction from the area.
  13. Riding without a riding pass may result in intervention by the police.

Special rules for the Danish Nature Agency’s areas: You are basically allowed to ride anywhere, and you are welcome all day and night. If you encounter a trail that is very wet, consider whether or not you should take a different route. During periods of heavy rainfall, for example, few riders pass through Helvedes Hule in Sollerup Forest, as the path is completely impossible to use by other forest visitors.